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Vila Adama - desert vacation villa in the magical Zin Desert

Welcome to Vila Adama (Earth Villa), boutique lodging, built with four loving hands in an ancient building technique- Rammed Earth.

The villa interacts with the nature around it.
The desert echoes inside, and its walls hug you.
The villa is perfect for families, up to 12 people, seeking a natural and peaceful experience. The villa is in one level and accessible for the handicap. During the summer months you can enjoy a shaded yard and a shallow dipping pool.
We will be happy to recommend guided tours, workshops, massage,
catering services and more.

Desert. Atmosphere. Love.

About the environment
וילה אדמה
About the Villa
וילה אדמה
About the Yard
וילה אדמה
Activities at the villa
וילה אדמה

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