The villa

In Southern Israel, in the Negev desert, lies the village of ‘Sde Boker.’ The village overlooks the wilderness of the Zin desert. You will enjoy a vacation in a very special villa, offering a unique authentic design, including elements from nature and wooden furniture created from leftovers from the construction phase. Villa Adama is a Boutique vacation villa, Hand Made and Ecological. It was built from rammed earth, an ancient technology revived in the Negev Desert. This special construction method aims to create a naturally- controlled environment throughout the year.
Some numbers
  • Four loving hands labored in the construction of the villa for a period of 2 years
  • The villa is built in one level and therefore accessible to the handicap.
  • About 200 tons of material were rammed into the walls and floors of the villa
  • we will be happy to host families and groups of up to 12 people in the villa
  • The villa offers two master bedrooms
  • About a 1000 buckets of material were rammed per day
  • Children's bedroom with 2 twin beds, 6 mattresses, and many books and toys.
The Indulging Experience
  • The villa is open to the desert view
  • you are welcome to order workshops in earth building and other ancient crafts, massages, catering services and more.
  • In the yard you will find a shaded dipping pool, as refreshing as an oasis in the desert.
  • Hugging walls, cool during the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Fully equipped kitchen inside, Charcoal BBQ outside.
  • Plenty of light in the villa.
  • A huge bathtub and a sculptured shower.
  • we will be happy to recommend some fascinating tours in the area.
  • Children’s playground in the yard.

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