About Ronnie and Tom

We, Ronnie Halevy and Tom Alkalay, partners in life and sharing a love for Rammed Earth.

It was the simplicity of Rammed Earth that intrigued us, in the process of construction and even more so in its powerful outcome. You feel at home from your first step in a rammed earth structure, hugged by the walls around you, in a pleasant temperature, low humidity, excellent acoustics… and the world outside disappears.
We were first exposed to rammed earth in Morocco, seeing a wall created from nothing, from a pile of soil and some wood, a simple rammer going up and down, with magical views in the background. Before noticing, the wooden form turns into a layered wall, becoming a tangible part of the view around it. Now these are the walls that isolate you from the outside, and create a feeling of pleasant and calming intimacy. These walls tell a story… and this story is full of memories.

We came back home fascinated and curious and intrigued by it all… and that is where it all began.
In order to understand, we traced back the secrets of mixture and forms- how does a wall erect from nothing?
We began to learn the secrets of the mixture, screening various types of earth, rammed tens of blocks and broke them, until we realized what the right mixture should be. Now we needed to focus on the forms. We realized that there is a limit to what we could learn from books and the web, and decided to go on a journey abroad to meet the experts, learning all the tiny details. Now all that was left was to jump straight into the water.
Unbelievably True
The first corner of Vila Adama. We were excited. Slowly, the structure began to take form. It was the feedback of passers by that motivated us to keep doing, to keep on trying and building. Suddenly, a TV item, an article in a design magazine, people are impressed, ask questions, excited with us…
“Do you also build other people’s homes?”
A question we were asked quite often during construction time, a question that will have a major part in the next step we will take. We studied and researched, and after years of experimenting, gaining knowledge and building walls, terraces and benches… and quite many questions we asked ourselves, we decided to make rammed earth our next profession.
We now offer experimented and professional rammed earth building services.
Interested in seeing additional projects? www.rammedearthisrael.com

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